Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mean Ole Dean and our Blissful Akumal, Mexican Get-A-Way

Daddy Stitch, Lil Stitch and I had planned to leave for Mexico yesterday for a little Caribbean family fun. But a little ole Cat 5 named Dean convinced us to leave early last week with hopes of returning before the storm's expected arrival in Cancun yesterday. We landed safely in Houston Monday while our fellow Akumal Beach Resort guests were evacuated to a hotel in Merida. We are of course so relieved that this beautiful little beach village was not destroyed though damaged from the storm. We want to go back tonight. It was the best vacation we've ever had!

Cordelia and Esmerelda joined us for a much deserved girl's trip! They had many fans watching their poses and photo shoots.
Beautiful beaches of Tulum. I think in a hurricane, I would like to stay in one of these Mayan temples. They're pretty tough!
Lil Stitch snorkeling her first reef in Akumal Bay! Daddy stitch and I adore diving but this trip was all about snorkeling with her. We saw the famous "wall of fish" in the bay, a cloud of thousands of slivery fish that swim together in near the same spot. LilStitch wanted to dive down into them but i was nervous as I who've dove to 100ft have never seen such a massive swarm of fish! The fish parted revealing the biggest baracuda we've EVER seen as well. I thought it was a shark he was so big. Baracuda are normally harmless in clear water as long as you don't mess with their food. We left the wall of fish.
Akumal is the village of turtles and the locals take great care of the wildlife. In August, baby sea turtles hatch in their nests on the beach and run for the ocean. On our last night we were treated to hundreds of babies saved by the resort staff and brought to the ocean. The turtles get confused by the restaurant lights and run toward it! The staff surrounded and gathered the turtles in baskets. One of them was wearing a chef's hat which prompted my daughter to shout, "Mommy! Are they going to cook them?"

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I will be out of the zone for a few days on Holiday. Wah? With no access to phones, puters, email or anything! Bliss.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Adventures of Cordelia

Check out the adventures of Cordelia, a living art doll and the brainchild of my friend Mary. Cordelia is a world traveler and has a full spread in this month's Art Doll Quarterly . She is off to a much deserved Mexican Caribbean vacation next week so look for her "waistin away again in margaritaville" updates. And just like all of us living dolls, Cordelia thrives on comments and compliments so leave a couple on her blog; Cordelia's Adventures .

Monday, August 13, 2007


Real human secrets. Gut-wrenching and real. I'm sending mine on in. What about you?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A little someting I'm working on for someone

I think she's pretty. It's just that she had to apply her lipstick from the rearview mirror, while in the car and flying down the freeway with a mocha grande lodged between her legs. Sure, she can easily fix the lips with a little pencil at the red light. Or, the next time traffic comes to a grinding hault for no freakin reason.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More UTEE Madness

Little tin pins, fibers and beads encased in clear ultra thick embossing enamel. This time I poured the molten utee into silicone ice cube trays. I learned this from The Artful Mama's "Seaglass and Utee" post 5/25. The silicone ice cube trays easily release the UTEE unlike the candy foils from my first attempt.But wait. There's more...
I'm often asked, "so, what are you going to do with all of that...stuff?" love that one. I have however been asking myself the same question about my collection of utees. Many pieces have been incorporated in the altered book box for Emmy. I'm loving making the altered book. And the utee, well if it involves heat, burning and melting stuff, great!

i really like this piece. i poured clear utee into a metal cookie cutter laid over the image. after the utee set, i let the piece soak in water and rubbed the back of the paper image until it was translucent but retained pieces of the image.

Scary stamp! This is SO creepy. I made a stamp from that "magic foam" stuff you heat and press any old three diminsional object into it make a stamp. This doll made the freakiest stamp! pretty cool. My daughter was scared of the image but happy i didn't encase the doll in utee! None of her toys are safe,