Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blog Birthday

My first post is born!

Creativity IS my recovery and my joy.

Recovering from what you ask?

Laundry List of stuff I'm Recovering From:

The daily grind, wretched grief, past traumas.

I began sewing a few months after the death of our infant son Weston in April 2003. An urge to sew things compelled me. I saved up and bought a computerized sewing machine. I made a few dresses for my then 3-year-old and made myself a few blouses. Once I innocently attended Houston Quilt Festival in 2003....I went completely insane....but in a good way. I've always been creative but never committed to it on a regular basis until I realized the healing I gain and the joy it brings me. I've since converted my son's nursery into my art studio where I now spend glorious hours creating.

I believe the creative act fills a missing/damaged piece of me and helps get the pain out and into something positive and beautiful....exept for those "dark" works which are beautiful but in a scary way!
What I like to make so far: quilts, collage, and the latest...artdolls.

*NOTE: I did not make the butterfly. Walt Whitman did.

On with the show....

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