Monday, October 16, 2006

Last of NYC Fav Pics then back to Texas... promise

Can you tell me how to to get to Sesame Street?

Little Jenny Balls from Hoboken NJ: This is a bonafide a NYC Rep with Balls! Love you Jenny Ball Bags! Come see me in Texas girl!

My Little Manhattan

From the top of a Chelsea Pub on my last night

Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm back!

Well, I'm home from NYC -damn-...and i forgot how to sew! I'm sure I'll figure it out now that I have some fresh fabs from The City Quilter

I wish I had bought some of the very cool fabrics I saw that they didn't offer on their website. It seems I only bought the touristy city scene stuff. It's ok, I WILL BE BACK!

On Wednesday I freaked when I saw the horrible news about Yankee's pitcher flying into an East Manhattan apartment building. It brought back those wretched memories of 9/11 and I can't imagine the feeling of Manhattan dwellers watching the scene Wednesday. I couldn't even bring myself to photograph the site at Ground Zero directly but took these photos from the water taxi.

There's just this giant hole of emptiness and goneness of World Trade Center. I met so many people who lost their loved ones in NYC and told me their stories. One young gentleman and his family told me of their grandparents who had been eating breakfast at Windows on the World and were gone in seconds. Families go there to grieve and remember, everyday.

So it angered me to see the "Truthers" protesting in front of sacred ground about the CIA conspiring to destroy the World Trade Center. I told the boy he was dillusional and to stick his flier up his....but this is the USA and we have the freedom of expression. Could they just show a drop of respect for these families and go somewhere else with their moronic crap? It was all I could do not the slap the little bastard.

Speaking of expression...tonight Jim and I caught a great Texas performance by Carolyn Wonderland at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. I haven't seen her perform in at least 8 years. It was the Texas dose of bluesy, beautiful music and beer I needed!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Come Back to Texas

Ok, I've done what I came here to do. I miss my hubby and baby. I've forgotten how to drive or cook. I want to slow down and sit in my backyard. I want to see Mary who's husband Bruce in ICU right by our homes. I miss my big hot Houston city and my humungous but affordable 1800 sq foot home. I especially miss my family....don't make me cry. :)

Tonight was nice though. I took the subway all by myself all the way from midtown to downtown and found Century 21 (bargain shopping NY-style) I made a pitstop at The City Quilter and bought several cityfied fabrics that I'll post soon. I also bought a very simple cityscape pattern to mark my NY memories. After trying to follow the girl from City Quilter's FIT directions, I gave up and decided to head the Century 21 via subway and the E train. I got off at the Chambers stop and what do you know!!! I didn't end up in Brooklyn! So, I'm walking fast in God know's where Hell's Revenge NY when a nice Polish exchange student asks, "Mam, can you tell me how to get to Century 21?" I laughed, only because he was asking me and that meant my calm dramatical interpretration of a hurried New Yorker worked. I told him, "Darlin, God must have brought you to me so we can find it together!" We were one block from Ground Zero and Century 21 and had no idea. I bought a pair of flats and a top and booked it back to the E train home. .... welll not home by any means. I then had nice late dinner at a corner french restaurant where I ordered their special martini and chicken crepes with "green wisps" aka Salad in an outdoor cafe while I watched the never ending foot and auto traffic of Manhattan at night.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Favorite Places in New York City

My absolute favorite place in NYC is definitely Central Park! This is by far the most beautiful park I've ever seen. It's so well kept and built for everyone in the city. I could devote an entire blog to Central Park. I will miss Central Park the most.
Chloe in the City! She really enjoyed the trip though her daddy ran us ragged in the 2 1/2 day time span. We saw Miss Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural Science, FAO Schwartz, ToysRUs, Greenwich Village, Times Square, The Manhattan Children's Museum (not for big kids) a cool restaurant called Mars 2112 where you dine on Mars, and taaa daaa... Chloe's favorite "Central Park" !

The MET! Tears come to my eyes when I think of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was like Disney Land f0r me. Except if you could only stay at Disney Land for 4 hours and have to leave. I need at least a full day in here....but the place closes at 5:30 during the week. Think original Chagall, Degas, Picasso, Renoir, Monet, and the list goes on and on. I took about 45 pics of original art here. We saw maybe 1/4 of the museum.
The Views! This was taken from the top of the Empire State Building!

BTW: this city has the best sushi in the world. Ruby Foo's in Times Square was great and cheap! Koi was a little more and out of this world!!!! I tended to eat a LOT of friggn sushi ya'll! So here I am at Ruby Foos eatin the Sushie.....

Oh! and here I am again with...could it be sushi!!!