Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fiber Postcards from Emmy and Angela!

I've received two beautiful postcards recently and they have encouraged me to put my sewing room back in functioning order and get caught up!
This is a fancifully beautiful piece made with embellished wools, couched fibers and wonderful handwork from Emmy at Cramzy ! Thank you Emmy I truly love it!!
This colorful stitched card is sewn with varigated colors and pieced byAngela at Angelcat. I just love it!

I'm trying to come up with a way to display all of the beautiful cards I've received in these months. First though, I'm finishing up projects for swaps and I'm sorely behind. I need a vacation!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Computer Recovery!

Oh my I am back on! The pc crashed then died and my hub thought he could fix it and he certainly has, sort of but apparently it's my fault for blogging w/the pc on the couch or lap. So, I apologize to everyone as I've not been able to check all 576 emails on my until tonight! If happens in the future I will endeavor to communicate this to everyone. I will dedicate myself to returning your emails this weekend. Now i must figure out how to restore my word document that has all 50 passwords to various groups and things and figure out what all has changed since I've been in oblivion.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Crazy days and computer viruses

Life things have gotten in the way of my sewing and blogging. For one, my home pc is down with a nasty virus. I'm managing to blog from my work laptop tonight.

I thought my next post would be to announce our move from Houston to Dallas because of a career opportunity for DH. The offer has since turned out not to be worth uprooting everyone and moving up north. Ah but in preparation for quick home sale, we had our sagging ceiling lifted, painted the living room, fixed the dripping sinks after 10 years and re-sodded parts of the backyard.

We were going to sell our little old house and buy a bigger old house in our outragously over-priced neighborhood. I've been packing clutter and storing to "stage" the place for quick sale. Now it looks like we will stay here and remodel the kitchen and maybe a bathroom while my husband studies for a certification that will surely allow us to safely buy a bigger house.... one day! Good news is after all of this unsettledness, I have a nicer looking old house and I'm getting a new kitchen remodel and maybe a bathroom. The best is that I get to keep my wonderful Houston friends and my daughter hers.

I've received some beautiful postcards this week and will get them posted in the next couple of days! Once I get my half-staged sewing room I will get back to creating.