Friday, December 29, 2006

How to get good heads

So I became obsessed this week about sculpting and painting doll heads. Pretty Doll Heads (hey what a great girl band name don't ya think?) anyway...decent looking doll heads are the most challenging part of a cloth doll and the most important. I know, because I've made a few freakish damned dolls with fat crooked lips that take away from their whole "cool art doll" image. So I resolved to whip up a bunch of heads and go to town until two or three dollfaces were at least "attractive" by art doll standards. BTW you cannot rip out sculpting if you perform a bad nose job. The head just has to live with it. Make a pindoll out of it and move on.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Carmen Collage

Collage art book pages in progress for my sister. I used techniques from Traci Bautista's Retro-rags class from Art and Soul I used stamped and painted paper towels, papers and cloth with childhood photo transfers.

BAQ (Big OLE Quilt) Is Done and On The Bed!

Santa Temple

Bow down, Bow down before the power of Santa

Or Be Crushed

Be Crushed


...............jolly boots of doom.

Sung by Chloe pre Christmas silliness

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Got a lot a Catchin up 2 Do!

This is Trudi, my Secret Sister Doll. She was - a secret - and I couldn't post her but now I can. Trudi's gone. I've given her to an adoptive Material Girl mommy. I will miss you my Trudi and your one-of-a-kind nuno-felted dress, oh your crooked oversized eyes adding to your crazed doll look. I wish I had an itsy margarita glass to send you off with a toast. sniff sniff

You must see all of the Secret Sister dolls in the "Gallery" Secret Sister 06
Material Girls Cloth Doll Club

Go straight to the photos by copying this direct link:

Ah but a beautiful new doll-child has come to live with me! Her name is Kathy and her real mom is...Kathy from Material Girls! Kathy made her lace ethereal wings from scratch...and her multimillion dollar embroidery machine. Kathy is just beautiful and I love her so much! She also has nice breasts! I've yet to make a doll with decent breasts.

Oh the shoes! I love little handcrafted doll shoes! She has feet just like mine :)

My doll Trudi went to the maker of the above artist...Trudi! I love the colors and the preciseness and ...check out that leaf!!! WOW. I was pretty intimidated about making a beginner doll like Trudi to Trudi. She's so talented and exact in her designs. I may be te most amaeuturist doll artist in the club but I get to learn from the VERY best. THE most talented doll the damned world I tell you! SS Challenged me to FINISH Art (something I'm a tad challenged by) while doing my best work at a deadline and STILL keep my new day job!

Here is my 7-year-old freemotioning her whole cloth flannel using the patented stitch regulator. "Mommy, this is FUN!" Look for her at Houston Quilt Fest Best in Show 2020.