Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My first REAL Art Doll! Pattern by Patti Muderas Culea

Making art can be trying at times but at least when I mess up on a project, there is nothing I can screw up so badly to cause it to be wiped off the face of the earth! Unlike blogging...where I've learned I can create a post complete with text, photos and links, spending over an hour only to #$%up and erase everything forever! Sweet. - Her entire costume was plain white silk pieces that I dipped and dye-painted using Jacquard's Textile paints. I learned all of these techniques from a Fabric Painting class at my favorite virtual quilt college: www.quiltuniversity.com

Don't ya love her shoes!! She is Patti Culea's beginner doll from "Creative Cloth Doll Making" http://www.pmcdesigns.com/

Compare her to Patti's cover doll: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/1564969428/ref=sib_dp_pt/103-7023182-2386269#reader-link

My soon-to-be published and fiber artist friend Mary insists I make her panties. Apparently, these mad doll-making women in our club www.materialgirlsdollclub.com assault dolls regularly by yanking up their skirts inspecting for undies. Shame on them! It's too hot down here for hose OR panties dammit!

Now I think we need a new digital camera. I've taken about 40 pictures of her this morning and finally get halfway decent resolution. My hubby oh so thrilled that I now have a blog and I'm naturally techno-challenged. If I can operate an electronic sewing machine and figure out linings on tiny doll shoes, I can do this too....with him as a consultant.


SeamRippstress said...

Oh what a pretty doll Elaine! I just love it and you are so damned talented!!!

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