Monday, July 17, 2006

Hand-Dyed Fabrics

My latest thing is hand-dyeing fabric. I'm going through a sick obsession with this stuff and it just will not stop. The last two weekends I was up until after 2 am adding colors, squashing and rinsing these things, letting those mosquitos feast on my face. I'm taking another Quilt University's cotton dyeing basics class. My family wishes I would cook something other than colorful fabric, wash their clothes rather than colorful fabrics....but I say look at the pretty things mommy made! But don't drink that pretty bucket of fun.

I've signed up for two Houston Quilt Fest classes in Oct/Nov. I'm having a panic attack in fear that Hollis Chatelain's dye-painting class or Carolyn Fallert's curvy piecing class will be full and I will have to walk up and down the George R Brown listening to those women rave about their classes.....think good's going to be ok. **Update: I'm IN! Confirmed for both Fallert and Chatelain's classes!

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