Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Come Back to Texas

Ok, I've done what I came here to do. I miss my hubby and baby. I've forgotten how to drive or cook. I want to slow down and sit in my backyard. I want to see Mary who's husband Bruce in ICU right by our homes. I miss my big hot Houston city and my humungous but affordable 1800 sq foot home. I especially miss my family....don't make me cry. :)

Tonight was nice though. I took the subway all by myself all the way from midtown to downtown and found Century 21 (bargain shopping NY-style) I made a pitstop at The City Quilter and bought several cityfied fabrics that I'll post soon. I also bought a very simple cityscape pattern to mark my NY memories. After trying to follow the girl from City Quilter's FIT directions, I gave up and decided to head the Century 21 via subway and the E train. I got off at the Chambers stop and what do you know!!! I didn't end up in Brooklyn! So, I'm walking fast in God know's where Hell's Revenge NY when a nice Polish exchange student asks, "Mam, can you tell me how to get to Century 21?" I laughed, only because he was asking me and that meant my calm dramatical interpretration of a hurried New Yorker worked. I told him, "Darlin, God must have brought you to me so we can find it together!" We were one block from Ground Zero and Century 21 and had no idea. I bought a pair of flats and a top and booked it back to the E train home. .... welll not home by any means. I then had nice late dinner at a corner french restaurant where I ordered their special martini and chicken crepes with "green wisps" aka Salad in an outdoor cafe while I watched the never ending foot and auto traffic of Manhattan at night.


LadyBird said...

How sweet!

Susan said...

Are you home yet?!?