Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm back!

Well, I'm home from NYC -damn-...and i forgot how to sew! I'm sure I'll figure it out now that I have some fresh fabs from The City Quilter

I wish I had bought some of the very cool fabrics I saw that they didn't offer on their website. It seems I only bought the touristy city scene stuff. It's ok, I WILL BE BACK!

On Wednesday I freaked when I saw the horrible news about Yankee's pitcher flying into an East Manhattan apartment building. It brought back those wretched memories of 9/11 and I can't imagine the feeling of Manhattan dwellers watching the scene Wednesday. I couldn't even bring myself to photograph the site at Ground Zero directly but took these photos from the water taxi.

There's just this giant hole of emptiness and goneness of World Trade Center. I met so many people who lost their loved ones in NYC and told me their stories. One young gentleman and his family told me of their grandparents who had been eating breakfast at Windows on the World and were gone in seconds. Families go there to grieve and remember, everyday.

So it angered me to see the "Truthers" protesting in front of sacred ground about the CIA conspiring to destroy the World Trade Center. I told the boy he was dillusional and to stick his flier up his....but this is the USA and we have the freedom of expression. Could they just show a drop of respect for these families and go somewhere else with their moronic crap? It was all I could do not the slap the little bastard.

Speaking of expression...tonight Jim and I caught a great Texas performance by Carolyn Wonderland at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. I haven't seen her perform in at least 8 years. It was the Texas dose of bluesy, beautiful music and beer I needed!


Miriam said...

Y'know, I've read this post a few times and I'm very touched by it. Most people from out of town just don't understand. I posted my humble (thank God) experience on 9/11 here:
I think about it much less now, but am reminded every time I pass a fire house or police station.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture of ground zero-very artistic with grey skys, dark reflective water & emptiness in the center-difficult to forget

SeamRippstress said...

Miriam, I got chills every time NYFD trucks drove past or I walked past the stations. Everyone who lives there knows someone who was killed. Thank you for sharing your experience.