Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Secret update and a new Fiber Art Postcard!!!

A received a beautiful fiber art postcard from Francoise in Belgium! It's wonderfully designed with her hand-dyed fabrics and a secret tiny heart that makes the whole piece even more personal. Check out her rust dyeing pieces! I really want to try that!

Remember yesterday when I said I would not sell The Secret? Hahahaa! Well, I've actually sent like 8 people to the bookstore with my over-enthusiastic promotions. I sent 3 fresh new converts to Borders today after I gushed about my $3000 sell this morning. Hahahhaahha! I asked my boss to come with to the appointment. I was actually feeling anxiety and not feeling "the Secret" love. But then my lovely boss used her "secret" power for the both of us! Do do ddodododo...(twilight zone music)


Emmy said...

hello Elaine
I got the postcard back ,,return to sender ,,so I send it to you today again and hope you get the postcard this time
greetings Emmy

candyschultz said...

I checked out Francoise's blog. Very lovely and I have added it to my blogroll. She had some good links as well. I have removed all politics from the blog from now on because I can't stand it anymore. Strictly food, books,. film, cats, quilts and the oddities of life.