Friday, June 22, 2007

Computer Recovery!

Oh my I am back on! The pc crashed then died and my hub thought he could fix it and he certainly has, sort of but apparently it's my fault for blogging w/the pc on the couch or lap. So, I apologize to everyone as I've not been able to check all 576 emails on my until tonight! If happens in the future I will endeavor to communicate this to everyone. I will dedicate myself to returning your emails this weekend. Now i must figure out how to restore my word document that has all 50 passwords to various groups and things and figure out what all has changed since I've been in oblivion.


Micki said...

Good to have you back online. We were getting a little worried about you.

Sarah said...

glad to have you back!

Helen in the UK said...

Computers are wonderful ..... but they can be SO FRUSTRATING sometimes. Hope you are soon caught up with everything :)