Saturday, June 09, 2007

Crazy days and computer viruses

Life things have gotten in the way of my sewing and blogging. For one, my home pc is down with a nasty virus. I'm managing to blog from my work laptop tonight.

I thought my next post would be to announce our move from Houston to Dallas because of a career opportunity for DH. The offer has since turned out not to be worth uprooting everyone and moving up north. Ah but in preparation for quick home sale, we had our sagging ceiling lifted, painted the living room, fixed the dripping sinks after 10 years and re-sodded parts of the backyard.

We were going to sell our little old house and buy a bigger old house in our outragously over-priced neighborhood. I've been packing clutter and storing to "stage" the place for quick sale. Now it looks like we will stay here and remodel the kitchen and maybe a bathroom while my husband studies for a certification that will surely allow us to safely buy a bigger house.... one day! Good news is after all of this unsettledness, I have a nicer looking old house and I'm getting a new kitchen remodel and maybe a bathroom. The best is that I get to keep my wonderful Houston friends and my daughter hers.

I've received some beautiful postcards this week and will get them posted in the next couple of days! Once I get my half-staged sewing room I will get back to creating.


Natalie said...

You were going to move? What would we have done without you guys? Zoe and I would have been very sad!

(Of course, if you move someday, it will just give us a reason to travel to whereever you move.)

Micki said...

Was wondering what was going on since had heard anything for awhile. Glad to know everything is okay.

candyschultz said...

Must have been crazy with work and a child. Hope you can relax and get some creating done - for your sake. I have posted a couple of new articles on the bees in the past couple of weeks. Cell phones seem not to be the culprits. It is probably not totally dire, although coupled with the drought over 1/3 of the country it is not good news for food prices. Have a great weekend.

N Rene West said...

You've been missed! Hope you have your computer back in a healthy state soon. While you're in the remodeling mode, why not build on a nice large studio. Surely you would spend more time there than in the kitchen, right?

Dianne said...

What a time you've been through!! All that excitement and stress - but it's so good to see what good came out of it!! Viruses - my computer had to go to the doc a while back too!!!!

Susan said...

There's always a silver lining! Three years ago today, my house was struck by lightening and caught fire. We lived down the street for five months during the restoration. My silver lining is the beautiful tiled kitchen and dining room floors! It sounds like you've got a silver lining in your recent remodeling too! Sometimes the strangest events happen for the oddest results...beautiful, but strange. Best of luck with the new environment in the old environment. I hope things settle down enough for you to get some creative time and that your computer is soon healthy!