Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fibre Cards Finally Finished

I'm really happy with the way my Greek ocean fantasy vacation fiber postcards came out. Above is the fantasy villa my husband and I are staying in for the month while we're on Holiday in Greece. We'll have a fully loaded bar and Bernina in the dressing room - i wish. I included pressed wood ferns from my backyard and hope they'll hold up.

These cards are extremely tardy and heading overnight to a couple of very talented fiber artists in the UK. I wanted something special for them since I'm so late with the June Birthday swap and even July is now over....according to my boss. SO, I'm including some of my dyed silk, little Utee faces, nuno felt, and maybe some nice dyed silk velvet in my FAF swap birthday friend's envelopes to make up for my slacker swaptality.
I call this one Sea Garden because it looks like my scuba diving adventures in the Caribbean. The fern looks just like kelp. Apparently in the UK, it has been raining and hailing for something like 80 days and they've had absolutely no summer. In fact, it's been pretty cold there! We've had rains daily in Texas for over 40 days but at least it's hot and we can pretend it's summer and really going on a "holiday"
And the newest addition to our family "Buddy"!


candyschultz said...

Postcards are really beautiful. Buddy is adorable.

Dianne said...

A holiday in Greece - now, that's one place I would like to go. The cards are gorgeous!! Buddy is very cute....

joy said...

hi, elaine! lovely to meet you :0) i am from texas orginally, too.

i love these postcards. i really, really must learn to use my sewing machine. been on the agenda since i discovered cps and beryl taylor and maggie grey.... these cards are so beautiful!


Susan said...

The cards are quite lovely. I do hope the ferns hold up because they're perfect. Most of all, I'm so very, very glad that your home has a brand new kitten!