Sunday, July 22, 2007

OMG I bought a Melting Pot

if i were a criminal, i'd bumb off Texas Art Supply and go straight for the UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel). like i needed another obsession over a medium and a very expensive one at that. not that fabric ,embellishments and all that that entails are cheap. oh no. just don't buy the ultra thick embossing enamel thinking it's your moma's powder. get ready to break out that mastercard. i'm sure crack is cheaper and not as addictive. my problem began with the desire to make those painted washers you may have seen in cloth paper scissors with the glass paints and sprinkles of metallic UTEE. I made 30 of them and just found them where i suspected. My child had them hidden in her room as they make glorious play monies.

then i sprung for this contraption:that is not blood or an illicit drug, it's the UTEE. those old keys are not keys at all, they're UTEE that i poured into the "mouldy pour" and they look just like the real old keys i bought at art and soul. if you'd like some of these old keys, email me and i'll send you some. i have a plenty of utee in several colors. i rounded down the cost of everything you need for your melting utee adventure because my accountant reads this. btw i used a 40% off michaels coupon for the melting pot itself. everything else was just necessary...

$ melting pot 35 bucks but hey 40% off!
$ clear utee <-the big jar 11
$ flex 11 <--something i didn't know i needed until i bought...
$ the suze weinberg melt art video 18
$ bronze utee 7.99
$ pearl utee 7.99
$ black utee <--can make faux dicronic glass with it 7.99
$ gold utee 7.99
$ to dye for colorants 7.99
$ moldy pour mold compound 9ish
$ the plastic tools that won't melt like the ones i melted, 5.99
$ craft sheet - had it!
$ perfect pearls - 11ish
$ bees wax - 7.99 <---cool project on the video
$ memory glass 4.99
$ rubber art doll face mold 5.99
$ project pan for melting the beeswax 6.99
oh i'm sure there's more. why didn't i marry tim holtz? then i could have a direct link to ranger. and that suze weinberg is a genious and must be a brazilionaire. pretty awesome stuff! pay no attention to the time stamp of this post. it's the utee and i need help.


Jacquelines blog said...

oh Elaine, you really made me laugh with this post. Maybe Tim Holz not turns out to be you're dream man at all? His stuff is great though. Where you actually at work that late? I think the UTEE keys look great, I can't see they aren't real. You sure fooled me with them.

candyschultz said...

I don't even know what any of that stuff is. Can you do an explanation? I am still fairly new to embellishing.

Micki said...

Everything looks great. I have had most of that stuff for ages and still have not gotten around to doing anything with it yet. Too many ideas, not enough time.
BTW, it really is 1:30 am now for me.

Zeborah said...

You are in big trouble. *sigh*
And you haven't even discovered the Opals embossing enamels yet LOL More colors, slightly different texture, less brittle.
check out some of the work with Opals and the melting pot at After Midnight art stamps.
I do the website for After Midnight and have posted a lot of work with Krafty Lady molds and Opals there.

MaryWig said...

Oh my lord, Elaine, what the heck is all this? I've never even heard of it--but it looks so fun! And the results are great, and yes, I want some keys too!

Dianne said...

Oh what fun!! I have never tried UTEE, but you have made me want to go out and spend!!! They keys look fantastic.

MargaretR said...

I am dying to try out that UTEE stuff, but haven't bought any yet. I must look into it.

Karoda said...

i've successfully talked myself out of purchasing the UTEE and melting pot and now I'm back to square one with your post here (sigh)...I'd be interested in a trade with the keys...lets see I'm getting ready to make some silk paper...would that interest you?