Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Baby Kitten!

Here she is! She doesn't have a name yet though my daughter calls her "Skittles" Thank you all so much for your comments of comfort after our Tera's loss.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tera has passed away to Kitty Heaven

My white kitty Tera was run over by a car in front of our house Sunday. Tera would have been 16 years old in June and a part of our family. She was getting on in years and in the past few months had suffered a few minor health issues. Tera was an "inside" cat but loved to sit in the backyard and roll in dry dirt on sunny days. I never once saw her cross the street but she did like to play in the neighbor's backyard occasionally. I was shocked to hear my cell message that she was run over and killed. I found her laying just near the curb in front of our neighbor's house on the most beautiful Sunday evening when everything seemed to be rolling along so smoothly.

So, I've been shaken with tears of painful grief the past two evenings. We buried her in our backyard. I'd named her Tera when my husband and I were dating because of the the sheer "terror" she'd caused as a kitten when she'd bite all who she'd meet but always in a nice way. Tera always pp'd and pooped where she was suppose to and was an affectionate little white ball of hairy love. Tera has seen us through many years of the best and has certainly comforted me through the very worst.

My daughter had a field trip to Kemah Boardwalk scheduled this morning and I was to be a 2nd grade parent chaperon. Yucky early morning thunderstorms struck anxiety in all of our stomachs by 7am, forewarning that our much awaited field trip might be cancelled. It eventually was cancelled but I managed to contact a few of my daughter's friend's parents to get permission to take the girls bowling, swimming and then to Houston SPCA to pick a new kitten. We bring "Speckles" or maybe"Rebecca" home Thursday and our day was saved.

Rest in Peace Tera Kitty and may there be plenty of bite-able morsels and sunny dirt piles for rolling into PetErnity.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Secret update and a new Fiber Art Postcard!!!

A received a beautiful fiber art postcard from Francoise in Belgium! It's wonderfully designed with her hand-dyed fabrics and a secret tiny heart that makes the whole piece even more personal. Check out her rust dyeing pieces! I really want to try that!

Remember yesterday when I said I would not sell The Secret? Hahahaa! Well, I've actually sent like 8 people to the bookstore with my over-enthusiastic promotions. I sent 3 fresh new converts to Borders today after I gushed about my $3000 sell this morning. Hahahhaahha! I asked my boss to come with to the appointment. I was actually feeling anxiety and not feeling "the Secret" love. But then my lovely boss used her "secret" power for the both of us! Do do ddodododo...(twilight zone music)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Secret

The job has gotten in the way of my sewing lately. But here's a fascinating Oprah book review for ya....
I'm a sales rep for an internet advertising company. I've been a "hunter" sales rep for the last 4 years and I've read the gamut of sales books and self-helps. Last Friday afternoon, I'm sitting in our cramped depressing office cold-calling the yellow pages when a faxed contract comes in for $18,000 mo for another crazy rep in our office. That amount isn't unheard of in this business but it's WAY out of the ordinary. Our quota is $5,000 monthly total. She calls me "Hey, did I get a fax?" Uhh, yep. How in the hell did you do this girl??? "How much is it?" Oh...just $18Gs! "Aw man, it was supposed to be $25000." Me: HOW did you do it???!!! She's says, "You're going to think this is weird girl. It's that book...."The Secret" Me: Come'd you do it really? Her: "Just read it girl. It's freaky and all about the universe and's really weird but it works." Let's just say, I read it that weekend and last week I exceeded quota in 5 days. I didn't sell one $18,000 deal but I made quota in one week and I'm usually busting it the last days of the month. It worked again today....maybe it's just my more positive thinking or could it be.....the seeeecret......shhhh!

Then for Mother's Day...I got the dvd. I made the family watch it since we have one tv so too bad it's my day and I'm watching it. 10 minutes into it my daughter says, "Mommy, it's not working. I'm thinking I want it to be over and it's not ending!" The next evening we're doing our mom walks around the block while she skates on her Razor...."Oh Mommy, The Secret WORKS! It really does! At school I was thinking "I want to pass my spelling and math tests and thinking in my mind that I passed them and I did! And then, and then....I wanted to do "color poetry" and my teacher has never let us do it and I thought about it and we did it! Then we had tamales for lunch and I wanted tamales!"

But I'm NOT going to sell the SECRET start a website nor do i want any "free articles by the Secret teachers" And my child will still get math tutoring this summer!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Houston Art Car Parade & my 100th Post!

Houston invented the art car Did George Clinton invent funk? Why yes I would say so!
Ahhh! A quilted truck! Tennis balls...and there were also condiment and condom-covered rides. How i feel during rush hour:
Political statements about fruits and presidents...Can a car be OVER-embellished? You really need to click on this one to experience the embellitude!

Singing fish and lobsters.

I wish I could post the other 273 cars!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Beach Day and Mandala

I finally painted my mandala. It's the first creation from "The Artist's Muse" book and Yahoo group.

We took our daughter and her girlfriend to Crystal Beach at High Island, TX. It's the beach I grew up hanging out at during my wild adolescences near Winnie, Tx. It's a very "country beach" vs. Galveston, the "city beach". So as Jim and the girls trapped over 35 hermit crabs and jumped in the surf, I worked on my Mandala using water soluble oil pastels and gulf coast seawater. Before I can post it, I want to stitch it.

I'm just not going to stress about getting the mandala finished because my mandala is about serenity and peace in a chaotic world. When I look at my mandala I want only beach, seawater and tranquility karma coming from it.