Monday, February 05, 2007

That Famous Lazy Girl Bag!!

So, do ya'll remember that little "burning layers" Lazy Girl Designs pattern purse I did way back - last week? Well, my new friend and awesome pattern designer Joan Hawley has made it the new lazy feature at Show Us Your Lazy! Hehehehe - love it! See all of Joan's incredible patterns at Lazy Girl Designs or ask any quilt shop for the latest....I've seen them at JoAnns Fabrics too.

A Big Texas Welcome to all of you lovely Lazies who've come to visit me here! Make yourself at home and do look around. This was my first Lazy and once you go Lazy, well know what they say! Any recommendations on patterns you've tried Lazies? Please leave me a comment...look I know you're pretty lazy, I am too but it's just a's not like making a dart or a flikin lining for heavens sakes! I think I'll make a burned or even a nuno-felted Wonder Wallet next...after a very long nap.


Sarah said...

No surprise, it's a great bag! Congrats on your feature!

Lazy Girl said...

Hi Elaine,

Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful creation with Lazy Girls everywhere.

Great job!

Joan Hawley
Lazy Girl Designs

Susan said...

Congratulations! That is definitely a great bag! So ... what is a wonder wallet?