Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My American Idol Prediction- Blake Lewis

Announcing the next American Idol....Blake Lewis. He's the beatboxer but the kid was the best tonight. Very DepecheMode meets U2...or NO the Smiths yeah the Smiths. Blake Nation wewwwhoo! I've wanted to see a rock/alternative win since Daughtry lost to...who'd America kick him off for? Anyway, so if you really wanted an update on another TV reality show you'd have tuned into your TV instead of my blog!


Vicki W said...

I/m not sure he will win, but I agree with you - he's right up there at the top.

SeamRippstress said...

Well, yes I tend to jump to conclusions on these things. I'm just having another psychic premonition. The girls were MUCH better than the boys tonight!