Sunday, February 18, 2007

Letterboxing "Chloe's Hide"

A couple of years ago, Chloe reached into a tree trunk hole in our neighborhood park and discovered an airtight box that contained a tiny booklet full of stamped images, dates, messages, a stamp and pad, as well as a web address: What a thrill to find that these little treasures are hidden in cities and towns all over the world with secret directions posted on the website. She and her dad hid their own Letterbox this summer and this morning received an email from a family that had found Chloe's Letterbox at Herman Park. Today we decided to visit the museum's new Frog Exhibit and check out her little letterbox. WELL, over 11 families have found her box, stamped and dated it and tucked it safely away within the tree! I can't tell you how fun it was to look through her letterbox and see all of the personal stamps, dates, names and ages of children who've found it! The last entry was from an Austin family that had just found it today!
We plan to make a silk fusion booklet and hide another!!

And the frogs were lovely and resting warmly......zzzzzz

It was such a lovely day in the Chinese Gardens...

And look at these painted cowboy boots!

MAP to Chloe's Hide in Herman Park. Email me if you find it!!


JenyB said...

It was nice meeting you last night. Looking through your site, I realize I have a lot to learn about quilting/crafting/etc. Hope to see you in the 'hood! Oh-and love the letterbox thing, too. Fantastic!

Doreen G said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and I must say that I love the way you think and talk.
I may be twice your age but your blog sings to me- I would like to link it on my blog if you don't mind then I can visit you every day now that I have found you.
Regards D

Miriam said...

hi lany
leave it to texans to make cowboy boots that big! letterboxing is cute (as is chloe)! can't wait to see your silk project!

Susan Schrott said...

What a wonder for Chloe to find this box of treasures and then for her to create her own. Oh how joyful.
I just love all of the many colorful and beautiful creations you make. All of them gems.

Susan Schrott said...

What a wonder that Chloe discovered this box of wonders and that she has created her own. Your artwork is just beautiful..full of colors, textures and a true sense of YOU..I admire the joy in your artwork

Judy said...

How cool!!!

Shelina said...

I signed up for geocaching, which is the same as letterboxing, but without a gps unit, haven't been able to find anything just yet. I have looked though - with a friend, and in general. It's a super treasure hunt