Monday, September 03, 2007

UTEE and Opals attempt on Fabric

I started experimenting with opalettes from After Midnight Stamps and thought i'd melt some onto fabric and stamp a design into it. The design didn't show up, so I melted it again and again and threw one of the UTEE faces on and tried to adhere it with more heat. The face melted and distorted so I'm considering heating it up and trying something again. This was going to be a postcard for a Fiber Art Friend but i think it's too weird. We were having Akumal Beach withdrawals so yesterday we headed to Galveston for a beach, fried oyster, shrimp and Shiner Bock fix.

And a quick tour of Galveston's oldest cemetary.
And I've started a new blog called RetailTherapy for chronicling Houston area local artsy supply haunts and included Galveston's Hendley Market as the first stop.


candyschultz said...

I don't know I think that postcard is pretty cool myself.

MargaretR said...

Looks good to me too. She looks rather sad that's all and we all feel sad at times.

Angelcat said...

I agree with Candy I think your postcard is beautiful not wierd!

candyschultz said...

Elaine I don't have a recipe for chilles rellenos but you could just make one. Slit the chillies and stuff with whatever you want.