Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bright Lights Big City

I finally made it to Times Square tonight. Snapped a few pics, ate some bad pizza and went to the Gap. Blogger and hotel slow-speed internet not letting me post pics.

I did check out the MTV store and watched a few "movies in the making" on the street. My hotel is about 3 blocks from Times Square and 4 from our office, but the blocks here are looooong! I've only seen the Meat Packing District, Times Square and a bit of Greenwich Village and had a $15 coctail with my training buds on top of hotel. More pics of my adventures to come but Blogger or this hotel high speed aint all that.

Here are a few of my observations so far:

1) New Yorkers Really do speed walk...everywhere. Perfect for me since I already walk like I'm late.

2) In every shoe store I see, I love all of the shoes. There are no ugly shoes here.

3) They wear black because every thing is dirty. I went to work today with black smudgies on my grey slacks.

4) People here are not at all mean or rude. They're just late and we visitors take too damned long.

5) The women here are beautiful, young and dressed perfectly. Even the no-so-attractive women are stylish. Classy bitches are everywhere. I've not seen one blinged out redneck. Well, I'm in a disguise to blend in.

6) Cabbies will kill you. They don't care, get the hell out of their way!

More later with pics from last nights happy hour and tomorrow nights happy hours!!

Peace ya'll

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Miriam said...

I loved this!
This post officially New Yawka approved!