Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why blog?

Ahhh...wish I had made this....but alas- taken from an artist's exhibit from a Quilt Guild show a couple of years ago. Dang beautiful!

And today I found
  • an Artist's perspective on blog rationale
  • that I can totally relate to.

    By anonymously stalking their blogs for quite some time, I've been filled with knowledge, inspiration and awe... but have quite often suffered intimidation by these incredibly talented women.
  • Sharonb's "In A Minute Ago" Blog
  • is one of them. So while surfing stichery blogs across the world, I was sewn through her's again and to her excellent perspective. She discusses the community of blog creator's, the reasons we blog, and how blogging motivates us to finish all of those UFOs. Maybe this will help some of my peeps understand why I do this! Read it ya'll!

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    sharonb said...

    thanks for the links and compliments about my blog - and your comment - many people have responded to this post.
    What I find interesting is that we do it while figuring out why we do it - it feels the wrong way around as usually people do something because of this or that reason but blogs are being written and people are figuring out the why along the way.