Sunday, September 03, 2006

Project Studio Make Over

Taaa Daaa! Internet magic makes it look like just yesterday this place was a mess. Now I can easily pull my cutting table to the middle of the room and rock-n-roll that rotary all day baby!

I bought two sets of clear drawers and arranged my cottons by color and tone. I even reserved a drawer for "Chloe's Scraps" so my daughter can be allowed access to ONE drawer only. (But really, I'd stay out of mom's sewing room you know because of all those sharp pins sticking up from the carpet.)

No more Fortunes and Business Weekly's to chop up! I can also sleep soundly knowing my Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors issues are present, together and arranged chronologically.

I have room for more stuff and at this moment in time, I pretty much know where everything is! Time to make something.


Susan said...

No fair!
Mine still looks a mess... :(

Anonymous said...

Good lord girl, that room was a mess. Looks a lot nicer now. I bet its more fun to work in too.

LadyBird said...

Good lord girl, that room was a mess. I'd have made my husband clean it up while I watched project runway except the idiot would probibly throw away too much stuff i wanted to keep!

LadyBird said...
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SeamRippstress said...

ladybird! My what a big beak you have! Reminds me of my husband!