Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chloe's Art Quilt & Jim to be Immortalized in Fabric

Chloe wondered why I hadn't yet published this work of her's so here it is. She chose all of the fabrics and yarn for this project and she did the freemotion stitching while sitting in my lap.

And my current QuiltU class, Realistic Fabric Portraits, is not so easy. I'm debating on the right photo and made Jim brush his hair and change shirts for these pic today. Ain't he handsome! It was a struggle but who wouldn't want to be immortalized in a family heirloom forever? Our instructor, Marilyn Belford encouraged us to use a "mature" photo rather than a child because of the thread painting. Mature faces are more forgiving for beginners. it me or does he look a tad like the deliciously evil Dr. Christian Troy from Nip Tuck baby!


Susan said...

Awww! she's CUTE! That's an EXCELLENT job she did!

And your hubby ain't bad either! :)

How's work?

Miriam said...

you're hysterical! i really enjoyed your blog!