Monday, April 09, 2007

Carmen's Knitted Gift

My darling sister sent me this hand knitted, felted and crocheted bag for my birthday! I just love the colors and the design she chose. She's recently picked up knitting after years of crocheted blankets. She's created a series of beautiful "filet" designs for our home over the years (and I don't mean filet gumbo).

The colors on her new bag are so me and I'm truly impressed that she crafted such a complicated bag!Fiber runs in our family. Even our mom started quilting this year now that she's inherited (by writing me a check) my Brother NX400.

Check out the backside! I just love the design!

Thank you Carmen. I absolutely love it!


candyschultz said...

Lucky you. That is lovely.

Susan said...

Nice BAG! Is that entrelac?
I'm working on one that's done in entrelac.. it's eating my lunch!

Happy belated Birthday!

Judy said...

Love the bag too! Do you think your sister would like to adopt just one more sister? I don't have any and my brother doesn't knit or crochet!
Also love your newest postcards.
Where do you find the time????

Micki said...

Very cool bag. And Chloe's doll is really charming.

StegArt said...

What a lovely gift. That design looks quite complicated. Your sister does great work.

Miriam said...

hey lany!
my my, haven't you been a busy girl! i love all the postcards you've been making/receiving, and that doll retreat looks like it was fun.

Carmen said...

Thanks for making me famous, and for not putting my Elaine bag not too close to the one Terri made. Tonight I'm getting me a sewing machine if Handcock still has it available. I can't stand hand sewing any longer. Shoot I deserve it.

love Carmen