Sunday, April 29, 2007

Go Girl Bag by Terri

I bought this beautifully crafted Go Girl Bag from Terri at StegArt the day she posted that it was finished. Terri's bags are featured in this month's Belle Amoire's "Haute Bags" and they're stitched perfectly with her signature girl drawings which you can also buy separately from Joggles (if you're so inclined to make your own bag!)
It's so roomy and has three side pockets, a zippered compartment and a magnetic closure.
I wasn't planning on posting the altered book that I'm working on for a swap with Emmy from Cramzy . But if I don't post this project in progress....well I will have to continue buying art to post and I don't have the budget left for that.
So, what the hey...
I knew I'd need these Kleenex's soaked with the exploded HP Ink Jet cartridge from my desk for something one day. Here they are ModPodged to the pages of the altered book.
I'm loving this project because I have no fear. If I mess up, I can either rip that sucker out or collage over it! Here's another peak at a fearless page in progress:
This is plastic wrap stuffed with fibers, crayola pieces and shredded sheet music that heated then 0006 glued to the page. This book will have several textured experiments included and is a constantly evolving piece of work.


Sue B said...

Your altered book is coming along nicely! It is a fun project to have going isn't it?

Vicki W said...

Your book is coing along great!

candyschultz said...

That looks like a lot of fun.

Micki said...

Book is coming along. Like the plastic wrap page.

Barbara said...

On my yourney throug the bloggerland I found your beautiful blog!1 Will visit again !