Saturday, April 07, 2007

Almost met my Funky Postcard Quota

I've converted some of my past experiments into postcards.

Hey, I'm all about recycling and "Working smarter not harder"

Here's a nuno felted pelt on cheesecloth from way back in January that I've reinvented into a fabric postcard. The added beadwork idea is one I totally lifted from SuZ's incredible flower card last week. Beading takes me a looong time but doesn't it add that extra Umphh and twinkle!
I swear this card really is square. No really! But the dang thing is warped after my wonky satin stitchting and doesn't lie flat for picture day. Maybe if I sandwiched within a big book for a couple days?

And this happy little card has been selected (and begged for) as a special gift for the Easter Bunny himself, along with brownies, iced tea, and an originial E Bunny portrait all gift-wrapped in a Texas Tamale drawstring sack. (BTW: Mr. E Bunny is also an adhoc member of Fiber Art Friends).

This card was made from my recent past layering fabric experiments. I especially like this one below since it includes my painted lavender velvet. The "beads" on these are not beads at all but drips of bead-like paint.Mr E Bunny on a good day. Check out those UPS driver calves!
In her 7th year, our child is dedicated to giving back to the Easter Bunny, to Santa and to the extravagantly generous Toothfairy for all of their dedicated years of selfless giving to her. "They've given so much and have asked so little of me" she says dramatically tonight. Every holiday is now a full day of creations, gift wrapping and special presentations to these wondeful characters. That bunny mobile better make it happen through our unseasonably frigid flooded weekend.

Happy Easter Dolls!


Sue B said...

All of these postcards are beautiful! Especially love that third one.

Doreen G said...

Elaine these postcards are great-Do you want to trade?

Dianne said...

Good on ya for revamping!! The postcards are all fantastic - especially love the middle one.
Happy Easter!

Vicki W said...

Beautiful postcards and what a sweet daughter!

Jacquelines blog said...

I agree with Dianne, I love the middle one best! But the other ones are also great.

Micki said...

Wonderful, Elaine. I like them all including the Mr. E Bunny.
Happy Easter!

kay susan said...

Super postcards!

candyschultz said...

Gorgeous postcards. Happy Easter.