Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thinkin' Blogs and Altering Books instead of Reading Em!

Sue B nominated me for this thinking blogger meme and I'm very proud she picked me. Sue 's been a consistent art-thinking blogger with innovative techniques, online classes and tutorials. Why just this afternoon as I was fusing Misti fuse (which she taught me) I was thinking, "Sue Bleiweiss has totally transformed my mixed media life!"

I tend to just do without thinking more than anything. I'm no precise stitcher. But I do like to try new techniques because tomorrow isn't promised. Carpe Diem !

Now, I am to tag 5 bloggers that make me think! Tough challenge with So many to chose from. Here they go in no particular order of "thinkingness":

Not a walking Encyclopedia - (but i think she is)
Candy really makes me think. I often have to research her political topics so I don't sound like a complete hillbilly moron when I comment. I like to find sore spots in her blog to fight with my conservative husband about! : ) Candy is a passionate quilter but she's also a highly intelligent, prolific writer who brings to the forefront serious social and political issues and is often my only news channel. I couldn't sleep last night because the freaking bees are all DYEING and it's our CELL phones causing the death of everything! This is SERIOUS ya'll! I turned my apocalyptic phone off this morning because I want to LIVE! Let's do something about it! Fiber Art For BEES! Turn off the dang TV Jim! And Oh MG, Candy is also a gourmet chef/foodie and offers deliciouso recipes!

Fembellish: N Rene West has an embellishing blog that makes you feel like you're hanging at her house and you're just gonna sit down and eat a scrumptious cinnamon scone. Then she's going to crank up one of her 50 top-o-the line sewing machines and clearly show you step-by-step how easy it is to make a professionally embellished piece of fiber art! Hoffman Challenge? Hah! No problem! She's there to help you out and you are about to see things that normally you would need your credit card for. Her blog is chock full of the most gorgeous, generous, helpful tutorials and she updates very frequently. I totally subscribe.

The Fabric of Meditation : Sara's work touches me. Spiritual, emotional, beautiful pieces with ethereal images. I love everything she does. See her Carpe Diem Embellished Angels! If you ever see something in her Etsy, just clickit darnit! Her work is one of a kind and I believe all of her pieces have special healing powers. I must own something she's made!

Fiber Art: If I create it will they come? Hell yes they will! I met Micki in a Quilt U class several months ago. Since then, I've reviewed her blog from beginning to end. This is one blog that I can say, I have not missed a post! Micki has experimented with everything and she is not done yet! She shares her successes and even near-success. She's clear and tells it like it is. I really wish Micki would teach classes.

I have questions : This is a friend of mine here in Houston and I hope she doesn't get mad at me for publishing her because she's a bit private about her blog. But it's a Blog Natalie! It's on the Internet and Al Gore meant for these topics to be for all of mankind. I Have Questions is the ongoing memoirs of a single Houston mom who loves life, music, her kids most of all , and even her stupid ex. She raises questions and even makes old married quilting-types like me think. Natalie is an excellent, humorous writer who paints word pictures and makes me laugh hysterically even though it really should not be funny. Natalie is destined to write books.

Whew! Now that that's done, here's my Altered Book in Progress! My kitties are in the background for the pretty element. This book is going to be fabulous! Secret ATC drawers, a nitch full of Seamrippstress fabric extravaganzas, just very very cool. It will be sent to the Netherlands in a few weeks to a talented fiber artist in FAF. Take a good look because the next time you see it, it will be a day before I mail it overseas! This project is SO much fun and my first finished Altered book. I found this wonderful site for images, ephemera, vintage and incredible paper/fabric swaps: Art-e-zine

Uhhh Oh? Is that a library book????


Sue B said...

Can't wait to see your finished book! Great idea to use the candy tin as the drawer.

Faith said...

Arhhh sorry Ive been away good to see you are still writing fantastic blogs and still blogging.
I will keep blogging promise :o)

Natalie said...

Thank you, Elaine!

candyschultz said...

What a sweet and thoughtful thing to write. I have been awake about the bees as well. My husband and I garden and plant a lot of vegetables. I am thinking root vegetables do not need to be pollinated so that might help a bit. It won't feed the animals though. Remember it is not definitive that cell phones are causing this. And all the bees are not yet gone. It does seem to me to be something we should all be asking for leadership on as it could be a tipping point. I have children and I didn't intend for them to inherit a world like the one we seem to be heading for. You should definitely not rely on me solely for news. If you want someone really reliable for news and information about the Middle East you should check out Juan Cole. He is on my blogroll. He is a professor at U of M. He knows more about the M.E. than probably anyone in the White House. Thanks again.

corina said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to find yours! I am also dreaming to make an altered book:)

Diane said...

Oh my...your links to your picks for "thinking blogs" sent me off reading and now I've spent a huge amount of time enjoying some blogs I didn't know existed! Thanks for the great references!

Emmy said...

OOOO I am not started yet with the book I must get busy
I cant wait to see it in person