Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Battle of the BAQ

I couldn't figure out why, all of a sudden I couldn't move the quilt during stitching. I'd just changed the needle. Oh, must be this cheapy machine and if I only had a Bernina. Is gum stuck up under there or nasty thread nests snagged to the feed dogs? Ah, just Sammy the daughter's cat napping on the corner. This thing follows me everywhere. He loves to nap on the computer keyboard but only when I'm typing. What is it with cats and quilts? And did you know you can dye kitty fur? Yeah, no joke. People do it and I've seen it with my own eyes. No one knows what she'll make with it, but I do hope she sends me an email of her finished project. It is kitty kitty!

I've committed to finish a minimum of one square of stitching per night, maybe two. My goal is to finish before the cold of winter. In Houston that'll give me until..hmm that one weekend in February?

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LadyBird said...

That cat sure can sew a quilt!