Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oobi Bag

This Oobi Bag was my inspiration to go for linings. Linings have always intimidated me but fear not! Mom and I picked up the Oobi Bag pattern at Quilt Fest about 2 years ago and it's pretty easy by most sewing standards but again - lining phobia. I could really use a serger for the light weight and slippery fabrics like this bag. I hope I find something in my fall wardrobe to wear with it.

My machine is in the shop since I jammed it using metallic threads last night. I hate to bring it in because I always have to test drive embroidery machines while I'm there and fantasize about making a million dollars sewing or at least justifying the purchase with promises to have it "pay for itself" Then there's the serger I looked at today and the straight stich powerhouse and quilt frame combo.

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