Friday, August 04, 2006

The Past

Today I realized a great something simple in a powerful gathering of humans.

There are two places God will not follow you.

1. Your Past
2. Your Future

So He's with me now. And if I'm dwelling on my past hurts and mistakes, I have to go alone. And if I'm fretting about the future and tomorrow, I have to go there alone too. That's why it's so damned scary. I'm not saying to live like tomorrow isn't coming. Planning is important. Just working on letting go of my bad yesterdays and chilling out on those scary tomorrows. I wrote this little poem several years ago and am not in the same "place" today. I'm glad that I documented where I was "at" so I can see how far I've come. Peace Ya'll.

Secrets whisper

whispers of shame
under hidden
layers in you
secrets drive memories and tears
baked in blood
broken words
wrecked minds

Whisper secrets

minds wrecked
words broken
blood in baked tears
and memories drive secrets
you in layers
hidden under
shame of whispers


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