Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Dyeing Pics and then I'll Quit

I know, I know more darned dyed fabrics. My machine broke tonight while altering a tulip appliqued piece that should be here instead. I had a mini fit because my husband is suppose to fix everything and he can't do it. Will cost me a trip to the sewing vet in the morning.

I promise not to post any more unless they are exceptionally brilliant OR I make something out of them. The top set are supposed to be hair colors and water scenes. The only time I ever had brown hair with green highlights was that "One time in band camp"...when I went from bleached Sun-In blonde to brown and got a wicked green, much like the far left brown and green spotched piece in top pic.

The names of these color mixtures evoke soothing rural country mountains and crystal ocean moods. There's Deep Mountain Blue, Early Meadow Green, Clear Ocean Blue....ahhhh sooo nice. But as you can see from my Galveston post below, our beaches don't look nuthin' like that! We need our own Houston pallet, Painful Traffic Jam Gray with Ambulance Siren Light Specs, Tanker Sludge Ocean Sand-Like Substance and Wicked Hot Concrete Jungle.

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