Monday, March 12, 2007

All Dolls All Weekend - The Material Girls Doll Retreat

What a lovely weekend we had at Camp Lonestar in LaGrange with fabulous doll artists and friends. I'm pretty exhausted with the time change and having to go back to work after such a creative weekend filled with wine, women and dolls!
(See Trudi's beautiful woodland critter pictured above)
I will not post my Wood Knot until he's finished and he's very close. I have no problem posting others unfinished wood knots however. We LOVED Allison Marano and she loved us Material Girls too! (though we freaked her out with our red-eyed, leprosy-spreading Texas armadillo stories)
Mary W working her whimsical magic on her psychedelic rebel wood knot: Trudi and Liz working their doll mojo

Mary and Kathy's Wood Knot Happy HourMy Retreat Roomies left to right Kathy, Me (I'm not drunk it's just morning) and Mary

My next post will be my finished Wood Knot darnit! It is complete with fabric moss, bark, ferns and Woody the Wood Knot. My biggest challenges this weekend 1) sleeping 2) sculpting 3)staying up with these doll-maniacs.


Sue B said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Oh, I could use a Retreat! That looks like so much fun being surrounded by creative doll friends all weekend. Can't wait to see your finished doll!

Dianne said...

Oh what a great time you had!! Wish I had of been there!!! Can't wait to see your Wood Knot.

MaryWig said...

Hey, that's me! Didn't we have us some fun? love & kisses, mary