Thursday, March 08, 2007

Doll Retreat Weekend and No Blogging?

I'll be in La Grange with the Material Girls all weekend so I won't be posting until I return. I hope I don't do anything embarrasing at the retreat because I'll will be photographed and I will be compelled to post it. I'm bringing silk fusion pieces, my homework woodknot, and plenty of other items to play with. I'm too excited about hanging out in the woods with my doll-homies and Allison Morano, doll creator and workshop host. I didn't finish the flower pin doll and that's just how I am. I will finish her and maybe put her up for trade here! Thank you all for your comments - they all ways make me smile! Ya'll have a great weekend!

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Miriam said...

sounds like you'll be having a great time. show us what you make. and i hope that tooth is feeling better. thanks for the complements on my tooth quilt! i'm glad you like it!