Friday, March 23, 2007

I Got ART Mail!!

It's been a good week! Easy for me to say now that it's Friday. I've worked my behind off nite & day at The Job. Then I managed to mame myself one last time with the Bernina while satin stitching fabric flower petal edges. But I'll spear you the bloody details this time.

Ah, but what special surprises from a couple of awesome fiber friends I'd like to share!

OMG - Terri at StegArt sent me this BEAUTIFUL fabric birthday postcard!!!. I just joined Fiber Art Friends ring and we have a birthday card swap going that I have not even yet signed up for but she sent me this! It MADE my DAY yesterday and I've carried it to work and played with it every time I needed a smile. I've got to make some of these! I love them because they're bigger than an ATC and you can mail them! What a thrill to get it in the MAIL....THANKS so much TERRI ! It's so beautiful and I will cherish this and get my rear in gear to spread the fiber love!

Tonight we ate my favorite Mexican restaurant and I had just one Margaritas. Once home we discovered my friend Mary left me a couple of lovely surprises!!! Hehehe...

First, this "Fiber Art Art For A Cause" Postcard called "Mom and Cat" by Jan Rowan Miller:

I Googled the artist Jan Miller and found her email address to let her know I had received her Fiber Art For A Cause card. She responded and said that she was inspired to create this piece when her good friend's mother was suffering from Altheimer's. Ms. Roark held and caressed this kitty because it gave her comfort. How wonderful to know the human emotional story that inspires great art.

Two of my very first Fiber Art postcards in one week must be a sign from God! Gorgeous. And also this Must-Have on every dollmaker's wish list: Ssweet! Look inside and get it here: JOGGLES

This means that the only Patti Culea book that I now do not own is Cloth Doll Couture" ....hint hint. : ) Thank you Mary!!!!!! I Totally Love Them!

Ok, as mentioned I injured myself in a horrifying way earlier this week late at night...sewing. Who knew sewing was a dangerous sport. As Judy in the Dyes husband had commented something like, "It's a damned good thing my hobby isn't Archery"

So last night I was scared of the Bernina and wanted to catch up on safe non-needle-related activities. The Fiber Art Friends technique to try this month is Tyvek. Luckily I've been saving DHL envelopes because I knew I'd want to paint and melt them one day. I tried heating them over stamps but it just didn't work out at all like Micki's lacey pieces or Terri's cool pebbled tile look. So, I went for the super easy Tyvek beads:

Then I put a piece of painted Tyvek over the face of a Sculpey mold from my Barbara Willis class and created this lovely scary mummy doll mask! Pretty scary but in an artsy fartsy kinda way. And these pieces well I call these colorful melted DHL envelope pieces:

And guess what? Not one 3rd degree burn from the heat gun!


Judi said...

This is fun to do - and your stuff looks great - bbbbbut ... melting Tyvek puts out hazardous fumes so please, please do it outside if you don't have a respirator.

Micki said...

Great mail and your tyvek beads are great too.
Could you email me (my email addy is in my profile).

StegArt said...

Wow...2 are on a roll!!! LOL!

Helen in the UK said...

Love that PC from Terri. Interesting to see what you've been up to with Tyvek too :)

Judy said...

Well, I'm happy to know that you've found a "safe sport"!! LOL
Love the tyvek art...will have to give it a try!