Saturday, January 13, 2007

Layering Whiffs n Leftovers

I ordered a bunch of Deb Lactiva's fabric scraps from her ::More Whiffs, Glimmers and Left Oeuvres:: studio cleanup. Sampling these bits of funky shimmers and hand-dyed morsels is like eating someone else's cooking. It tastes just a little bit better! (Not that I really NEEDED more scraps) Then I read an article from Quilting Arts Fall 2005 issue where Annette Morgan shows us how to "Layer it On: Making New Fabric From Scraps"

I laid out pieces of Deb's stash mixed with painted velvet and silk pieces of my own onto Pellon stabilizer.

I fused used them down to the stabilizer. Then sandwiched onto a backing and batting. I stamped on acrylics and metallic lumieres. I worked fast.

Next I covered the piece with multi-colored organza and tulle and freemotioned around the stamped motifs and over the whole piece. I then cut/burned of the top layer of sheers within the stamped motifs.

I'm still in the process of snipping tulle and organza to reveal areas underneath. Next I need either a souldering iron or the nifty Textile Tool burning thingamagig. This piece will be a little wall hanging. The homemade fabric can be used to make little bags, wine holders, ATCs or whatever!


Anonymous said...

Yee-HaH! I've been waiting to see this!

Deb L

Faith said...

I like what youve been doing here very invented and great for the soul let us know what this great
creation is going to be


SeamRippstress said...

Deb your scraps are greaT! Next I'll try some postcards. They're so much fun to play with

SeamRippstress said...

Thanks Faith! I love to try funky techniques and listen to my husband ask, "what are you gonna do w/THAT?

Sue B said...

A terrific piece! You've done a great job of taking a lot of unrelated fabric and tying them all together in a cohesive piece. Nicely done!

Sarah said...

I love the look - great!

ex-math teacher said...

I'm a beginner and I love what you've done here.