Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bernina 440 Quilter's Edition is Da Bomb Baby

I've not sufficiently showcased this massive investment on the old "Bee Ell Oh Gee" (plus a lack of finished bloggable projects and the need to post drove me to this tonight) And I don't know bout you but I'm recovering from my sitemeter additction and it thrills the cheese outame to see fellow fiber junkies from across the US and Europe to Southern Australia find lil ole "StitchTherapy" when they search "nuno felting" or "doll therapy". I figure " Bernina 440 qe" is good for a couple of googling stitchmaniacs. Welcome Beautifuls! No offense. Do leave me a comment. It's free ya'll and they make me happy.

I know I've searched Bernina 440 a billion times and I think it should be mandatory for all of you fabulous studio quilt artists to tell us newbies what kind of machine you drive. We really want to know.

I bought this hunk of machineness after the Houston Int Quilt Festival this year because I was ticked I couldn't take pictures of the quilts and hang out like the rest of the ladies. I should be happy I live in Houston and there's always next year to hang out. Anyway I drove the thing full throttle until the Bernina ladies asked me to buy or leave and though it was priced WAY out of my budget (and I had no budget) I HAD TO Have IT. Not only because I fancy myself an emerging fiber artist who was in need of good equipment. Yo, this baby slices through big fat layers of fabs like buttah...but the deal maker was THIS:

Yeah, it's the stitch regulator that sucked me in. Accomplished freemotioners may not need a piece of technology like this but I DO! I finished the BAQ in no time with it

This humongus quilt was entirely free-motioned on my sewing machine. I didn't get the Bernina until the giant borders were to be quilted and I finished all four sides within a week with a day job. Big Ole Quilt in Progres

The regulator by no means makes perfect stitches without a little skill. It feels like a long-arm (another ride I've test driven at festival) and I can be more exact with it. With the Bernina, all of my stitches are MUCH more exact and pretty.

I also received -eh hum...for free- the 5 needle"embellisher" foot that works just like Babylock's Embellisher only it's a $120 foot for the Aurora. I'll post once I get around to embellishing with my 1000 pounds of merino wool that just came in. AND I have the freemotion coucher foot which I have no idea what to do with but I'm sure someone around here will need some couching soon.

BUT contrary to popular word of mouth propaganda about "Quilt Fest is the Best Place to buy a Machine" I wondered over to Houston's own
It's A Stitch Booth and asked them if I could get a better deal from my local quilt shop. Not yes, but Hell Yes! I booked it out of the George R Brown and blew off precious moments at Sacred Quilt
Cathedral to get over to Humble and buy it. I left in big debt but ecstatic. Not only did I get a better deal but I got the embellisher foot and couching foot for free, and a new machine vs a demo oh ...AND excellent classes galore.

Mainly I wanted a quality exact stitch and I got it. My Brother NX400 was fine and all, no major problems and decent stitches. But it ain't a Bernina. Plus the Brother had a drop in bobbin and was easier, but I couldn't do any bobbin work or adjust the tension like the real artists do. You know those beeotches I'm talkin about.

Love, love, LOVE this machine. If you've googled me because you're shopping, drop me an email and I'd be happy to share my sewing machine research with you!

Peace ya'll!


Susan said...

OMG! You have been busy! What on Earth are you gonna do with that much MERINO!?!?

SeamRippstress said...

Oh, I think I need more. Im nuno gasming every weekend. I will bring my pieces to doll club but I also have bunches of dyed silk rovings that would make lushious (sp?) doll hair.

Faith said...

oooo that bernina is like the Harley Davidson brand spanking new to the quilters,,,,,, oooh does'nt it look nice. My little sewing machine is like the little moped of the bike world but it does my straight stitch and the zigzag when I want it to. Maybe when I win the lottery marry Bon Jovi (ha -ha) I will get a gorgeous Bernina like yours, infact Im going to save up for one.
Ride it on girl get those zigger stitches to rock...!!!!

Faith said...
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Faith said...

wow zap it on girl its a great machine


Faith said...

apologies for the repeat.... i thought arhhh the message isnt working but never mind the more messages the better.... well my head is humming for names for your machine now is it a dude or dudette, I thought of Zeppelin, Pandora, Bertha, Joplin,.... ill just keep thinking lol
rock on!!

SeamRippstress said...

eew Faith, I'm diggin your machine names! I like Joplin only cause she's from my hometown-area - the scenic resort destination Port Arthur,TX! You crack me up with your zappin British wit! I'm going with it girl!

Susan Schrott said...

Hi there..thanks for visiting my blog and sharing such lovely comments about my work. Your work is beautiful and I enjoy seeing your work in progress under the sewing machine. Stay in touch.

Susan Schrott said...
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Karoda said...

I loved your review of this machine...There is no way I can afford another machine but that has stopped me from looking at them and wanting them...this is one I've been salivating over as if...