Monday, January 15, 2007

More Experimentation with Left Oeuvers

This time I took a little more time (not much) to come up with a more organized color scheme. I'm planning the same technique of overlaying with sheers and burning (yes, I bought a burning tool from Home Depot) I almost want to leave it alone at this point because Deb's scraps are just delicious as they are. Most of these are her hand-dyed flannel and cottons and do you see that deep red dyed velvet she included? -Yummy.
Want some? Hurry up, I think they're going Like Hotcakes!

....and here it is covered up with organzas and sheers. I've started stitching around the motifs and I can Hardly wait to finish the stitching and burn baby burn with my new hot tool! Throw fresh batteries in the smoke detector baby, moms cookin again! Click on the picture and feel the excitement I'm feeling with this technique!

I hope no one gets hurt during the frozen tundra of Houston Texas tomorrow. But I also wouldn't mind one single bit if we had to be shut in our homes for fear of being slammed by amature ice speeders. Just keep my power and heat on! ** Update! See above post- the power was on, the heat on, the sewing machine on, schools closed (oh well, can't have everything)


Faith said...

this is looking fantastic I can see a face in here is it your face or a spiritual face? mmm really interesting.... keep going it's looking great

SeamRippstress said...

That could be my spiritual face dyeing to quit my job and quilt all day! This is really fun layering and burning away to see what's inside!