Saturday, January 20, 2007

Burning Layers Piece

I'm going to cut it up into postcards since I prefer quadrants rather than the whole crazy thing at once! Hmmm or maybe a Lazy Girl Purse. But what a great experiment. There does come a time when I have to stop it with the stitching and burning already! The cards will have a funky fiber "art binding"
(Click on pics for details)

I considered metallic threads but synthetics would melt away with the heat so I used varigated cotton threads. The various textures of Deb's Scraps from my stamped acrylics on her hand-dyed flannel and stitching over her red velvets give the piece interesting textures!


Sue B said...

This piece is wonderful. Such great colors and texture.

Serene Yip said...

I love what you did there! It will make really cool cards. And agreeing with sue, great colors and texture!

Ron Southern said...

Yipes! This crazy shit is just my style. Excuse my language, but it's me. I'm rude and crude, but lovable.

Miriam said...

Sure is a beauty. I love it.