Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rough week. I think I'm gonna DYE

Nothing like a little dye-therapy to relieve the tension of working until 10pm every night this week. No worries, I'm close to quota and I still have a 3 whole business days left. Ew, that's stressful. Let's talk about dyeing silk.

I'm taking my favorite dye teacher, Marjie McWilliams QuiltU silk dyeing class. The silk pieces are covered in plastic for the next 6 hours but you can bet they'll be posted by tonight. Since I'm not one to waste procion soup what with all those starving artists and all - I've stuffed and dumped silk velvets and silk gauze to see how they turn out. I'm overdyeing a few pieces of cotton and added salt to the left over dyes because I think I'm supposed to for cottons. Then, I plan to discharge with liquid dish soap and I think I'll write the words to Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" on the over-dyed cottons.

I'm so not excited about how my painted on and "blended" silk habotai lesson 1 turned out. My colors didn't really blend but looks like a pastely rainbow. This will be over-dyed next weekend:

This is how it's supposed to "blend" into orange and purples:

But the velvet and silk gauze that I immersed came out beautiful!


Sue B said...

oh that velvet is gorgeous!

SeamRippstress said...

Thanks Sue! This will work beautifully with your new clasp purse pattern on Joggles!! I'm signing up for your silk fusion class too!

Susan Schrott said...
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Susan Schrott said...

what gorgeous fabrics..mouth are so lucky to be able to take these classes. they just aren't offered much in my neck of the woods..
thanks for looking at our new dog Biscuit...he is too cute!

Miriam said...

wow, those fabrics! i'd be lucky if i could dye a solid!

Sarah said...

You have come up with some very yummy pieces! Got me digging out my dyes!

lisette said...

COLOUR!!!!!! these look luscious :)