Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Frozen Texas Bush - not a political statement but could be! : )

At 5:30 am this morning we received a recorded call from Houston School District,

"HISD schools are closed today due to dangerous weather conditions"

My 7-year old sprouted up from the deepest dream, rapidly dressed and began euphorically chattering through the house. That recording would make a great child alarm clock. Later we explored our slushy "winter wonderland" as she called it, searching for tiny frozen leaf drips. Her excitement made me wish for snow....oh but for just for one day. By 2pm she was wishing she could go to school.

So while I worked, I let her make Martian cake out of whatever she wanted in the kitchen and we baked it. Yum...we're saving a bunch for Daddy when he returns from NY. Then she wanted to explore my blog. As innocent as I thought my blog was... she pointed out quite seriously that I use bad words in my blog. Oh no! So it is my goal and promise to you all to clean up my blog language and use care in my expressions and choice of word pictures from now on. The BAQ has been officially renamed to BOQ- Big OLE Quilt - kid friendly bloggin ya'll! Peace -


Faith said...

awww I love the way you write don't give up too much just cos your little miss says so bless her awww... it makes me laugh when these little ones sorts us out and tells us how to be correct, grown ups need telling too they say (laughs) we can still talk the zip zap language lol.
Hope you manage to get on with some more quilting the weather is really bad today so Im not going out and going to get on with some more quilting.
Happy quilting and have fun fun fun

SeamRippstress said...

You have the best ideas Faith! Yes, so when i want to say crap or ass I'll just say "zip the zap" "Why I craft and why my yard looks like ZAP.".What a Big ZIP Quilt.

Ladybyrd said...

I woke up this morning and my car was covered with white stuff. Whatever it was it was cold. If your having problems with frozen bush, try putting on some pants.

SeamRippstress said...

Thanks for the advice "Ladybyrd" AKA my HUSBAND. The white stuff on your car is most likely DIRT - wash and take the trash out please dear.

Miriam said...

You guys sure had it bad down there! It's funny watching y'all scream, "OMG, snow, what now?!"